NEBP Result 2022

nebp result

LHV, nursing in general, and midwifery First, second, third, and final Nursing Examination Board of Punjab results for 2022 From here, check online by name and roll number. In order to check your General Nursing & Midwifery Result 2022, please enter your roll number and choose your category. Participants in the examination session can view their full subject-by-subject results. Wait for the official notification from NEBP at Category-specific NEBP Find your results for the first, second, third, and fourth years on this page.

NEBP Result 2022

nebp result

Nursing Exams Result 2022

Students can read or download the Nursing Exams Result 2022 at The most recent Nursing Examination Board Punjab Result 2022 Midwifery, General Nursing, LHV, PBN, Community midwives, final year nursing, student midwifery, (lhv-ii) midwifery, (lhv-iii) lady health visitors, and other all programmed are available on on time. So, keep checking back with us for the newest information and the NEBP 2022 Result announcement date.

Nursing Examination Board outcome

The Nursing Examination Board, Punjab’s beginnings may be traced to the United India era before partition, when it conducted exams in the United Punjab. There are records accessible for nursing students who took the exams in 1941 at centers in Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Delhi, Ferozepur, Jhansi, Jaipur, Lakhnow, Ludhiana, Bikaner, Dholpur, Amritsar, Braille, Ajmere, and Sialkot. At the time, the group was referred to as the “Punjab Nursing Council and Midwives Board.”

Final Nursing Year Results

Future goals have been set by the NEBP. It is a fantastic and cutting-edge evaluation body that contributes to maintaining the highest standard of nursing practice and education. The Pakistan Nursing Council oversees the administration of a standardised test system that recruits providers of skilled and qualified nursing practitioners (PNC).

Website: 2022

The Nursing Examination Board of Sindh has administered exams to nursing students from all throughout Pakistan since Pakistan’s founding in 1947. This persisted up to 1973. The Pakistan National Council (PNC) mandated that all provinces hold their exams separately from one another in 1973.

Midwifery NEBP Result 2022

Baluchistan and Frontier provinces were unable to organize exams because of administrative issues inside their respective jurisdictions, but Sindh province continues to administer exams within its own province. In October 1980, the Nursing Examination Board of Punjab started administering exams in its own nursing facilities as well as those of the other two provinces (Balochistan and Frontier), and it has done so ever since.

How Do I Access the NEBP 2022 Result Online?

Go to the NEBP website. See your NEBP results.

Enter your roll number to prove your identity.

A category can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Press the “search” button to conduct a search.

Nursing and Midwifery Results

The Nursing Examination Board of Punjab has been in charge of administering exams at nursing institutes throughout the province since March 1981 for all categories of nursing students. Additionally, the Frontier provinces, Kashmir, Balochistan, and Islamabad have started their own examinations.

Nursing Exams for NEBP 2022 Results

Section II of the Pakistan Nursing Council Act of 1973 authorized the establishment of the current Nursing Examination Board, Punjab Lahore. It belongs to a nonprofit. Ms. Painda Khan served as the organization’s vice-chairperson at the time, while Ms. G. M. Dara was the Nursing Examination Board of Punjab’s first controller.

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