Call Name Announcer & Blocker

Call Name Announcer & Blocker

Call Name Announcer & Blocker. The multifunctional hands-free Call Announcer app allows you to hear who is calling when you are driving, engaged in other activities where it is dangerous to glance at your phone, or are visually impaired.

High-Quality Caller Name Announcer

The name talker reads the names of incoming callers aloud, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel while you drive. If the number is difficult to discern on the screen, it also benefits the visually impaired. In addition, it is a useful instrument for performing daily tasks such as cooking, gardening, and housekeeping. When the number is recognized, the call announcer will proclaim the caller’s identity aloud, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether to park the vehicle safely or to halt what you’re doing and answer the phone call.

Call Name Announcer & Blocker

Intelligent Caller ID

Identify international callers, including those not on your contact list. Call Announcer will announce the caller’s name while the phone is still vibrating, and will also identify fraudulent calls. This means that you will know who is calling before deciding whether or not to answer.

Powerful Flash Alert

You can activate the illumination alert function if you have a hearing impairment and cannot hear your phone calling, or if you are in a location or situation where your phone must be on silent. The phone’s torchlight will glow to indicate an inbound contact. You can then glance at the screen to see who is calling, allowing you to determine if the call is significant enough to warrant moving to a location where you can answer it.

Important Contact Censor

To assist you in managing calls even further, the Caller Name Announcer application includes a valuable Call Block feature that allows you to block unwanted calls. When caller identification reveals the identity of an unknown contact, you can block the number and submit it to your list of blocked numbers. You can also block calls from known numbers if you don’t want to be bothered by them again. Say farewell immediately to spam calls, automated calls, telemarketers, and all other irritating calls from unknown numbers.

Useful ‘Places’ Feature

Using the ‘Places’ function, you can avoid being interrupted in specific locations. You are able to muffle announcements and block incoming calls at locations of your choosing. When you arrive at the location (such as work, school, or a library), the feature activates automatically, removing the need to manually activate it each time.


Caller ID allows you to identify unknown contacts.

Call Announcer: Listen to the respondents’ names. Activation at the stroke of a switch is simple.

The illumination notification can be activate with a single contact.

Useful ‘Places’ Feature: Disable announcements or block incoming calls at predetermined locations.

In the preferences menu, select whether the Call Announcer and Strobe Alert function when the phone is in vibrate or silent mode.

Flash Length Test: Choose the length of each flash for your phone’s illumination and press the test icon to confirm that it’s the correct length.

Call Blocking: Block numbers immediately after a phone call.

List of blocked numbers that is clearly presente and can be sorte by name or reason.

Search by either a name or a number.


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